podcast :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time > 9/22/19 (ESSi)

Sooooo, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time with special guest, ESSi!

And stream ESSi’s new LP, Vital Creatures!

The Playlist for 9/22/19:

    The ESSi Playlist

  1. Fly By by ESSi
  2. Legs Control by Balaclavas
  3. Animal Instinct by Destruction Unit
  4. Blonde Red Head by DNA
  5. Yü-gung (Fütter mein ego) by Einstürzende Neubauten
  6. Here Again by Factory Floor
  7. White Rune by Iceage
  8. Health And Wellbeing by Indian Jewelry
  9. They Don’t Want Your Corn, They Want Your Kids by Liars
  10. Meh-Teh by Tussle
  11. Problem Areas by Oneohtrix Point Never
  12. Tar and Pine by Sightings
  13. Pines and Cones by ESSi
    The GT Playlist

  15. Privilege (2015) by Amar Lal
  16. june 4 2019 by GDFX
  17. Killipede by Dan Friel
  18. Bee’s Knees by Luurel Varas
  19. Giancarlo by They Hate Change
  20. Colony by E L U C I D
  21. Nothing is Safe by clipping.
  22. Death TV by Alien Trilogy
  23. Tropical Parasite by Lozenge
  24. Barf Haus by Sleepies
  25. Mould Lines by Thigh Master
  26. Wilt by umspell
  27. Serf To Serf by No Age
  28. Topographe by Corridor
  29. Plants by Guerilla Toss
  30. Rubber Duck Debugger by ctrlR
  31. Uncle Incision by Courtship Ritual
  32. Dancers by TED TYRO
  33. Mondo by Operator Music Band
  34. Just What I Needed by The Cars (RIP Ric)








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