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Sooooo, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time. Andrya Ambro of Gold Dime (former Talk Normal) shared some music both new and old, which can be found on this playlist. She is the first person to play The Dixie Cups on GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time.

And definitely pick up Gold Dime’s new LP, My House (if you haven’t already)

Plus they are playing with Deerhoof in January @ Elsewhere!

The Playlist for 11/3/19:

    First… the Gold Dime vs. GT Spotify Playlist, some of which is featured on this episode:

    Then, the GT playlist:

  1. Let’s Go To Bed by The Cure (aka the Cure sell out and go pop track)
  2. Always On Time From Now On by The Flag
  3. Errorbird by Dan Friel
  4. Serafina by Bambara
  5. Break by Water From Your Eyes
  6. political song for michael jackson to sing by mike watt + the missing men
  7. A Mirrored Reliquary by Christopher Tignor
  8. Hüsker Dön’t by Lightning Bolt
  9. It’s Fine by Lost Film
  10. Viking Hair by Dry Cleaning
  11. One Warm Spark Variation (Live in the Moog Soundlab) by Colleen
  12. In a Strangeland by Talk Normal

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