best of 2019 :: Favorite Music Videos of the Year

And now my favorite music videos of the year… from A to, well, W.

GT Favorite Music Videos 2019
Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken – Tuesday

B Boys – I Want

Beeef – Morning Light

Bethlehem Steel – Govt Cheese

Buck Gooter – Peace Siren (RIP Terry Turtle)

Business of Dreams – Ripe For Anarchy

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) – Couldn’t Have Known

The Coathangers – F the NRA

Eric Copeland – Heads

Coughy – F

Mike Donovan – Digital Dan

Drahla – Stimulus For Living

dumb – Club Nites

ESSi – Fly By

Fran – Company

French Vanilla – Lost Power

French Vanilla – Real or Not

Dan Friel – Killipede

Gauche – Conspiracy Theories

Ghost Funk Orchestra – Seven Eight

Gold Dime – Hindsight II

Gold Dime – My House

Kim Gordon – Air BnB

Kim Gordon – Sketch Artist

Gong Gong Gong 工工工 – Ride Your Horse 騎你的馬

Greys – Kill Appeal

Halfsour – Built-in Guilt

HELLRAZOR – Landscaper

Homeboy Sandman – Far Out

Institute – Anxiety

Jeanines – Winter In The Dark

Kal Marks – Heads Been Ringing

La Neve – Stability

Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage – LPs

Kelly Moran – Water Music

Negativland – More Data

New Berlin – Narrative Fiction

Nots – Persona

Oh Sees – Heartworm

Oh Sees – Poisoned Stones

Pile – Firewood

Pile – The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller

Sacred Paws – The Conversation

Shady Bug – Blow

Show Me The Body – Camp Orchestra

Show Me The Body – USA Lullaby


tunic – Blessed

Water From Your Eyes – Adeleine

Weeping Icon – Control

billy woods + kenny segal – spongebob

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