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Sooooo, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio.

The Playlist for 11/17/19:

  1. GOD OF LOVE by Liturgy
  2. Dosed by Eye Flys
  3. Ruins by Iskra
  5. First Day Out by Clean Girls
  6. PROTEST by Expose
  7. Think Less by Thank
  9. All The While by Shimmer
  10. Choking by Last Affront
  11. All These Boxes by Slumb Party
  12. Human Cannonball by Butthole Surfers
  13. Responder by Russian Baths
  14. I Do by Screaming Females
  15. Kilowatt by Sumatraban
  16. Living Is A Perfectionist’s Nightmare by Gladys Lazer
  17. Geodesic Son by Uranium Club
  18. Spinning Gold by Parlor Walls
  19. Adeleine by Water From Your Eyes
  20. LPs by Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage
  21. Plague Years by Tad
  22. Ride by Sleeping Bag
  23. HarborcOat by R.E.M.
  24. Qi Velocity by Peel Dream Magazine
  25. Dirt is the Word by Sleepies
  26. Afraid of the Mirror by Pill
  27. The Green Grass the Grazing by Eaters
  28. Top Ticket by P.E.
  29. No Connection by Cheekface
  30. Sunday Morning by Sum Say
  31. true nen ft Open Mike Eagle by milo
  32. Outer Verberum (Al Lover Remix) by BOTANY
  33. Bless the Fire by Hemlock Ernst and Kenny Segal
  34. comfort zone by jinsang
  35. source code by Czardust
  36. My Synthesizer (feat. Milo) by Spectacular Diagnostics
  37. Nobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels) by DJ Shadow







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