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Sooooo, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio. It’s the best of 2019, part 2!
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The Playlist for 1/12/20:

  1. Enough by Jeanines
  2. Heads Been Ringing by Kal Marks
  3. Air BnB by Kim Gordon
  4. The Mound by Krallice
  5. Maximum Wage by La Neve
  6. Respiration by The Lasso
  7. Taffy by Leggy
  8. USA Is A Psycho by Lightning Bolt
  9. GOD OF LOVE by Liturgy
  10. It’s Fine by Lost Film
  11. Never Nowhere by MANEKA
  12. Cream by MANNEQUIN PUSSY
  13. Left for Dead by Mike Krol
  14. Grieflex by Multicult
  15. Floating Hand by NOTS
  16. Mondo by Operator Music Band
  17. Spinning Gold by Parlor Walls
  18. The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller by Pile
  19. Scarcity by portrayal of guilt
  20. Hey Mr Dogman! by Powerplant
  21. Everything is a T-Shirt by Preening
  22. The Seduction of Kansas by PRIESTS
  23. Obamacare by Quelle Chris
  24. Responder by Russian Baths
  25. The Conversation by Sacred Paws
  26. Make It Up by Shady Bug
  27. Camp Orchestra by Show Me The Body
  28. Keep On Googlin’ by Spray Paint
  29. Clearwater by They Hate Change
  30. Blessed by tunic
  31. Man Is The Loneliest Animal by Uranium Club
  32. Hair So Big by Urochromes
  33. Bad In The Sun by Water From Your Eyes
  34. Ripe for Consumption by Weeping Icon








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