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Sooooo, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio. It’s the best of 2019, part 1!

The Playlist for 12/15/19:

  1. Tuesday by Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken
  2. Take It Or Leave It by Ava Luna
  3. I Want by B Boys
  4. spongebob by billy woods
  5. Thought by Blessed
  6. Peace Siren by Buck Gooter
  7. Keep The Blues Away by Business Of Dreams
  8. Eternity Leave by Cheekface
  9. No Real by The Cherry Wave
  10. I, Autocorrelations by Christopher Tignor
  11. Nothing is Safe by clipping.
  12. Seven Heads by Cloud Rat
  13. Last Punk Standing by CTMF
  14. Errorbird by Dan Friel
  15. True Neutral by Daniel Klag
  16. Smokejumper by A Deer A Horse
  17. Gilded Cloud by Drahla
  18. Assimilate by DRILL
  19. Phone Scam by Dry Cleaning
  20. Eternal Forward Motion by Employed To Serve
  21. High Score Zed by Eric Copeland
  22. Fly By by ESSi
  23. No Respect by FOSTER CARE
  24. Lost Power by French Vanilla
  25. Conspiracy Theories by Gauche
  26. A Song For Paul by Ghost Funk Orchestra
  27. Living Is A Perfectionist’s Nightmare by Gladys Lazer
  28. Hindsight II by GOLD DIME
  29. HDC by Grivo
  30. Blurred Camera Phone by halfsour
  31. Houmeissa by Hama
  32. Landscaper by Hellrazor
  33. Bring Back British Rail by Hygiene
  34. Impulse Crush by Ithaca



The next GTRT is happening today (1/12/20) @ 4pm and will feature the best of 2019 (part 2)!

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GT Best of 2019

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