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Sooooo, here is the latest BONUS episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio. GTRT is back, but we are in quarantine mode. Looking forward to having live shows again at some point in the near future.

Listen via Mixcloud…

The Playlist for 4/24/20:

  1. makeitliveforever by Knxwledge
  2. Leech by Data
  3. Future Teenage Cave Artists by Deerhoof
  4. Clown Code by Fire Roast
  5. STAY AT HOME by Good Cop
  6. Plank I by Stuck
  7. Plank II by Stuck
  8. Arncliffe Babylon by Sachet
  9. Pardon Our Dust by Beauty Pill
  10. Easy Rider by Jeffrey Silverstein
  11. Empty Quarter by Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson
  12. Ideal Drama by Art Feynman
  13. Red’s Corvette by Macula Dog
  14. I Zimbra by Talking Heads
  15. Bubbles by Buke and Gase
  16. Build Your Prison Walls (Demo) by Soft Kill
  17. Sleep by Dosser
  18. In My Way by Poster Children
  19. Decency by PUBLIC INTEREST
  20. Drowning in Piss by lié
  21. Kittie by Banana
  22. Method of Madness by Garden of the Ark
  23. All is Lost by Wasted Shirt
  24. Quatre Parets by Foc
  25. Die. Cry. Hate. by IDES
  26. Vanity by Peace Talks
  27. Eraser III by S.H.I.T.
  28. King Kurtis by C.H.E.W.
  29. Familiar Themes of Disappointment by Ankle Monitor
  30. Procession Of The Wounded by OLD MAN GLOOM
  31. Kenosis by Calligram
  32. Satan is King by ACxDC
  33. En La Oscuridad by Xibalba
  34. Forensic Evaluation by JT Whitfield
  35. Ceiling Fan by HALEEK MAUL



There are no live shows while the station is closed due to COVID-19, but tune in today at 4PM for the next episode of GTRT featuring our favorite tracks of the year (so far) @ newtownradio.com!

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ceiling fan by haleek maul

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