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Sooooo, here is the latest bonus episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio. GTRT is back, but we are in quarantine mode. Looking forward to having live shows again at some point in the near future.

Is 2:42 the perfect song length? Here is a pretty strong argument for that proposition.

Listen via Mixcloud…

The Playlist for 5/22/20:

  1. Radio On by Ex Hex
  2. Fire by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  3. I Just Wanna Have Something To Do by The Ramones
  4. Divine Hammer by The Breeders
  5. Delicious Demon by The Sugarcubes
  6. So What by The Cure
  7. Let’s Talk by Devo
  8. Hank by Pony Time
  9. Harness Your Hopes by Pavement
  10. Echos Myron by Guided By Voices
  11. Inoculated City by The Clash
  12. Tally Ho by The Clean
  13. Drown by Black Tambourine
  14. Atto I by Be Forest
  15. Blinker by The Cherry Wave
  16. orangina filth by Fern Mayo
  17. Let’s Get Well by The Evens
  18. Little Brown Haired Girls by Frankie Rose And The Outs
  19. Blood From A Stone (Demo) by Pete & The Pirates
  20. Asking For A Friend by Shopping
  21. Burning Too by Fugazi
  22. Fast G by Ovlov
  23. Suspect Device (7″ Version) by Stiff Little Fingers
  24. Talking To The Dog by Obits
  25. Electric Arc by Oxford Collapse
  26. It Killed Mom by Thee Oh Sees
  27. What’s Wrong Is Right by The Willowz
  28. Drama Mine by Sebadoh
  29. Burn On Burn by Lithics
  30. W.A.B.D.M.Y.C. by No Men
  31. No Brains by The Reatards
  32. Love Gut by Seaweed
  33. School by Nirvana
  34. I’m A Mindless Idiot by Meat Puppets
  35. Move To California by Times New Viking
  36. American Piss by US Weekly
  37. Glimmer Dot by Bailter Space
  38. Do Less Things by Spray Paint
  39. Lady Shoes by The Jesus Lizard
  40. Sleep! by Big Black
  41. Brainwashed by Nuclear Assault
  42. Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac) by Shabazz Palaces









There are no live shows while the station is closed due to COVID-19, but tune in today at 4pm @ newtownradio.com for another quarantine edition of GTRT!

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2:42 Minutes Bonus Episode of GTRT

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