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Sooooo, here is a recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio. GTRT is back, but we are in quarantine mode. Looking forward to having live shows again at some point in the near future.

Listen via Mixcloud…

The Playlist for 5/31/20:

  1. Michigan Hammers by Protomartyr
  2. Clean Kill by Coriky
  3. Ploce by New Fries
  4. Whichever Way the Wind Blows by Bob Mould
  5. Ummon by SLIFT
  6. Loop 16 by J Foley
  7. My Life Up To This Minute by Mike Watt
  8. Themselves by D. Boon
  9. Know Who You Are At Every Age (Cocteau Twins cover) by Jordyn Blakely
  10. You Only Dance by Sir Bobby Jukebox
  11. when i closed them good by thanks for coming
  12. Shop by teevee.
  13. Grey Eyes by Yppah
  14. Bouli by Alkibar Junior
  15. Multinationella Mördare (Totalitär cover) by The Soft Pink Truth
  16. Piece Of Shit Joggers by Fog and Lasers
  17. Not A Doctor Not Today by As Is
  18. Opened by The Breeders
  19. Spank Thru (Live) by Nirvana
  20. Born Again by Kal Marks
  21. Grieflex (Demo Version Bonus) by Multicult
  22. adult contemporary by Borzoi
  23. smoke by Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes
  24. parasite by SUPER THIEF
  25. Apyrexy by nuvolascura
  26. SCUM by Good Throb
  27. Blue Mould by Plastics
  28. Over The Hills And Far Away by Subdued
  29. silencio by peedoh
  30. American Nightmare by Olor a Muerte
  31. Ang Talim ng Galit by namatay sa ingay
  34. Protest And Survive by Discharge
  35. Copsucker by ACxDC
  36. Too Late Nigger, I’m Tired by SOUL GLO



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gtrt 5-31-20

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