podcast :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time > 7/26/20 (The One That Starts With ALL HITS)

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The Playlist for 7/26/20:

  1. World Is A Fuck by ALL HITS
  2. The Master by Bananagun
  3. Once We Die by Botany
  4. Closer by Catholic Block
  5. Rhys by cindygod
  6. Rotten Master by Clock Of Time
  7. Heaven Or by corey flood
  8. Dismantle the System by Deerhoof
  9. Bang by Exhalants
  10. FULL OF HEALTH by Full of Hell & HEALTH
  11. Forces At Work by Geld
  12. Unashamed by Glorious
  13. Cookie Scene by The Go! Team
  14. Misunderstanding (feat. TOBACCO) by Steve Reidell
  15. Apple, Sliced by Jay Glass Dubs
  16. Nod (feat. Nosaj Thing) by Julianna Barwick
  17. Foam by Knot
  18. Weed in LA by The Koreatown Oddity
  19. allstar (ft. earl sweatshirt prod. by dj blackpower) by MIKE
  20. My Life by NNAMDÏ
  21. The Gaze by NRRRV
  22. Share the Motion by paw paw
  23. New Culture by Peel Dream Magazine
  24. Brand Ambassador by POWER USERS
  25. Day Without End by Protomartyr
  26. Lost Dog by Public Eye
  27. PINBALL ft Open Mike Eagle by R.A.P. Ferreira
  28. Don’t Wanna Go by Radical Dads
  29. Esta Es Tu Libertad by Regimen De Terror
  30. Point Of The Point by SAVAK
  31. Sway by Scrunchies
  32. Disco III by Special Interest
  33. No Room by Stirling
  34. Wetlands, Part 2 by SUSS
  35. Blue Demon II by TED TYRO









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