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Hey, here’s a somewhat recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio!

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The Playlist for 8/9/20:

  1. Wind Honey by Peals
  2. This Too Shall Pass by Laraaji
  3. Geekers by Spectacular Diagnostics
  4. Glorious Solitude by Yalls
  5. Casualties of History by La Neve
  6. Motor by Eric Copeland
  7. I’m Gonna Miss Your World by Art Feynman
  8. Shit Year by Rube
  9. This Land (Solo) by Washer***
  10. Something in the Way by Palberta
  11. Hanging In A Car by Helvetia
  12. Overwhelmed by Steve Hartlett***
  13. Chillin’ (Demo) by Sleeping Bag
  14. Lucky by Ganser
  15. Murder By Numbers by Juliana Hatfield
  16. Phantom Vibration by Landowner
  17. Sharpshooter by Mary Timony Band
  18. Waves by Hum
  19. Turning by Grivo
  20. Poison Arrow by Screaming Females
  21. Misanthrope Gets Lunch by Bent Arcana
  22. Delta 88 Nightmare by X
  23. Curmudgeon by Nirvana
  24. Debt/Equity by SET-TOP BOX
  25. Grease Monkey by Uranium Club
  26. Love Theme From Necropolis by Necropolis
  27. Silent Tyrants by Parts & Labor
  28. Skunks Are Cool (2019) by Buck Gooter
  29. A Study In Acute Narcissism by Easy Prey
  30. Punishment by SIGNAL***
  31. Baited by Punitive Damage
  32. Circle A by Utopian
  33. Too Punk For Heavy Metal by ISS
  34. Alphabrain by L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation
  35. Combatti by KOBRA
  36. Blood Circle by GELD
  37. Mark Of Death by Skeleton
  38. Feed on the Blood of Rats by Krallice
  39. Dog River Days by Ilsa




Tracks from this compilation***




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honey by peals

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