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Hey, here’s a recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio! This one runs the gamut of the eclectic mix.

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The GTRT Playlist for 9/20/20:

  1. Al Gassira by Hama
  2. Rabbit in Passing by Future Museums
  3. Sloth by DADRAS
  4. A Wave From a Shore by Christopher Tignor
  5. Slicer by Monster Rally
  6. Dumb It Down by Eric Copeland
  7. Once We Die by Botany
  8. The Gates by Aesop Rock
  9. SAFEHOUSE (feat. FIELDED) by Small Bills [E L U C I D & THE LASSO]
  10. Trauma by Homeboy Sandman
  11. bucciarati (featuring kari faux) by Open Mike Eagle
  12. Forever Industries B by Moor Mother
  13. What Can I Do by Cindy Lee
  14. 14 by Water From Your Eyes
  15. Sometimes by Navy Gangs
  16. Fork In the Road by Smokescreens
  17. Fuck Dallas BBQ by The New Restaurants
  18. Crown Of Thought (Single Edit) by Garcia Peoples
  19. Rhys by cindygod
  20. THC by Melkbelly
  21. Hunger for a Way Out by Sweeping Promises
  22. Gridlock by Vintage Crop
  23. Reach Out by Sleeper & Snake
  24. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang by The Dead Milkmen
  25. Haircut Sphinx by Guided By Voices
  26. Christmas Colors by Brandy
  27. Acid Death by Cold Feet
  28. I Don’t Own Anything by USA Nails
  29. Black Sabbath by Thou
  30. Huge by Boris
  31. Acid by Power Trip
  32. (RIP Riley!)



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