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Hey, here’s a recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio!
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The GTRT Playlist for 10/18/20:

  1. 32 by SOUL GLO
  2. Pulse by METZ
  3. Fast G by Ovlov
  4. Tumba by Olor a Muerte
  5. Torsion by Multicult
  6. Drought by Show Me The Body
  7. Severed by Es
  8. Color Kill by Patti
  9. Kickback by ALL HITS
  10. Brown Ice by Sunwatchers
  11. Magic City by Clean Girls
  12. Dry Heave by tunic
  13. I’m Wrong by Fried E/M
  14. You Ain’t It by Thee MVPs
  15. Worry Wart by Borzoi
  16. The Martyr by XETAS
  17. Wild Bomb by GELD
  18. Taking Hits by Adulkt Life
  19. Lebensraum by Iskra
  20. Post-Human by IDES
  21. Gilded Cloud by Drahla
  22. No Apologies by Shopping
  23. Wanna Go Out by wimps
  24. Change Is Bad by Stuck
  25. Victim’s Jacket by LITHICS
  26. Defy the Tyrant by Venom Prison
  27. Falling Forward by Sweeping Promises
  28. UFOs 2 Heaven by Brandy
  29. A Prayer to God by Thou & The Body
  30. Back in Black Bloc by ACxDC
  31. Bright Light People by Gen Pop
  32. You Don’t Know Me by Bush Tetras
  33. Everything Urgently by Sleepies
  34. Michigan Hammers by Protomartyr
  35. Serve To Serve Again by Vintage Crop
  36. Everything is a T-Shirt by Preening
  37. Don’t Kiss Me In Public by Special Interest
  38. Crushing The Kingdom by Screaming Females
  39. Don’t Let Them Divide Us by Death Ridge Boys
  40. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by Devo
  41. POWER FANTASY (100 Gecs) by HEALTH












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Soul Glo

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