best of 2020 :: Favorite Releases

OK, it is time for THE best of the “best of” features for 2020. These right here are our favorite releases of 2020.
Best of 2020

Unmask Whoever by Activity

Spirit World Field Guide by Aesop Rock

There Is No Year by Algiers

Men And Their Work LP by ALL HITS

Fu Chronicles by Antibalas

Shrines by Armand Hammer

Stray by Bambara

End the Summertime F(or)ever by Botany

The Gift of Repetition by BRANDY

A Japanese Horror Film by Chester Watson

Speed Kills by Chubby and the Gang

Visions of Bodies Being Burned by clipping.

S/T by Coriky

The End of Their World is Coming! by Dead Meat

[R][E][D][A][C][T][E][D] (s/t) by DEEP FAKE

Auto-Pain by Deeper

Brainscan by Dosser

The Freelancer's Blues by Dougie Poole

Scratchcard Lanyard by Dry Cleaning

S/T EP by Dummy

EP2 by Dummy

Less of Everything by Es

Atonement by exhalants

Roots of Earth, Rudiments of Mutilation by Full of Hell

Just Look At That Sky by Ganser

Beyond The Floor by Geld

PPM66 by Gen Pop

An Ode To Escapism by Ghost Funk Orchestra

Cookie Scene by The Go! Team

At the Maw of Ruin by Green Druid


Preyer by Ilsa

S/T by Knot

Mass Cathexis by Krallice

Consultant by Landowner

You Want It Real by lié

Tower of Age by L I T H I C S

PITH by Melkbelly

Atlas Vending by METZ

Arrow by Noveller

Metamorphosed by Oh Sees

Protean Threat by Oh Sees

Anime, Trauma and Divorce by Open Mike Eagle

S/T by Optic Sink

Person by P.E.

Heavy Tongue by Parlor Walls

Honey by Peals

Agitprop Alterna by Peel Dream Magazine

SST by Phoenix Brown

Ultimate Success Today by Protomartyr

Gentle Grip by Public Practice

purple moonlight pages by R.A.P. Ferreira

When We Wake Up It's Gonna Hurt by Rube

RTJ4 by Run The Jewels

Strychnine by Ryoki Center

Rotting Teeth In The Horse's Mouth by SAVAK

Away Team by Shell of a Shell

All Or Nothing by Shopping

Tari Pemusnah Kuasa by Sial

Time v Pleasure by Sleepies

Songs to Yeet At The Sun by SOUL GLO

The Passion Of by Special Interest

Change Is Bad by Stuck

Promise by SUSS

Hunger for a Way Out by Sweeping Promises

5 Years Behind by THICK

Simulcast by Tycho

III by The Unders

Cut Back by Video Daughters

Serve To Serve Again by Vintage Crop

Container by The Wants

Fungus II by Wasted Shirt

The Cypher by XETAS


Here’s to hoping 2021 will allow for live shows to resume (post-vaccination, obvs).
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