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Hey, here’s a recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio! This one is the second part in our best of 2020 series (here’s part one if you haven’t listened). Oh and make sure to tune in to our final Best of 2020 episode on 12/27/20 @ 4pm EST.

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The GTRT Playlist for 11/15/20:

  1. Ooh LA LA (Ft. Greg Nice and DJ Premier) by Run The Jewels
  2. Compromised by Public Practice
  3. Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home by Full of Hell
  4. Dead Cars ft. R.A.P. Ferreira by Armand Hammer
  5. Effektology by Noveller
  6. Vaping on the Job by Dougie Poole
  7. Clean Kill by Coriky
  8. Disco III by Special Interest
  10. Blood Circle by Geld
  11. Men And Their Work by ALL HITS
  12. Processed By The Boys by Protomartyr
  13. Cookie Scene by The Go! Team
  14. Punk Migration by Peals
  15. Feed on the Blood of Rats by Krallice
  16. Kissing Under Some Bats by Melkbelly
  17. UFOs 2 Heaven by Brandy
  18. Serve To Serve Again by Vintage Crop
  19. Dumber by the Day by Rube
  20. Personified by Optic Sink
  21. Scramble Suit II by Oh Sees
  22. The Thorn You Carry In Yr Side by exhalants
  23. The Way by Botany
  24. Old Connecticut Money by Landowner
  25. POWER FANTASY (100 Gecs) by HEALTH
  26. Sugar Pill by METZ
  27. Bright Light People by Gen Pop
  28. (Quietly) Do The Right Thing by SOUL GLO
  29. wtf is self care by Open Mike Eagle
  30. Body for the Pile (with SICKNESS) by clipping.
  31. Pool Dizzy by Dummy
  32. Fuzzy Logic by Ghost Funk Orchestra
  33. The Gates by Aesop Rock



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