GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time > 1/10/21 (The RIP MF Doom Episode)

Hey, here’s a recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio! This one is the RIP MF Doom Episode!

Listen via Mixcloud…

The GTRT Playlist for 1/10/21:

  1. Sofa King by Danger Doom
  2. All Caps by Madvillain
  3. Doomsday by MF Doom
  4. Ask Anyone (MF Doom) by Lice
  5. the cough bomber’s return by R.A.P. Ferreira
  6. Mork n Mindy Ft. Billy Nomates by Sleaford Mods
  7. This Night Amok by Beans
  8. 3 by 日本語テキスト (Japanese Text)
  9. Long Road Home by Oneohtrix Point Never
  10. Vuelo a Saturno by Ranil
  11. City Maggot by John Dwyer, Nick Murray, Brad Caulkins, Tom Dolas, Greg Coates
  12. Diazepam by Buke and Gase & So Percussion
  13. FM Secure by MJ Guider
  14. Valley of One Thousand Perfumes (Orchestral Version) by Mary Timony
  15. Dark Blue by Throwing Muses
  16. Knots by Speed Stick
  17. Egg by Squitch
  18. Hertz (Home version) by Kal Marks
  19. Refugio by Mister
  20. Chelsea by Editrix
  21. Mid Fit by CB Radio Gorgeous
  22. Miracles by Sleeper And Snake
  23. Not the Universe by Alpha Hopper
  25. Exhaling by tunic
  26. privacy issues by privacy issues
  28. Crime Pays by Classics of Love
  29. Pixel Vison Anxiety by nuvolascura
  30. Self Inflicted Mental Terror by Gulch
  31. Lake by Spelljammer
  32. At The End Of My Daze by Trouble
  33. End of Men by Green Druid
  34. A Lament by the body



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GTRT 1-10-21

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