GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time > 3/21/21 (The 2014 Episode)

Hey, here’s a recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio! This one is all 2014.

Listen via Mixcloud…

The GTRT Playlist for 3/21/21:

  1. Glow Wreath by Aa
  2. Shadow Hall by Advertising
  3. Displaced by Alex Zhang (fka Dirty Beaches)
  4. Song 35 by The Austerity Program
  5. Grin by Big Ups
  6. Old Lake by The Blind Shake
  7. Shitsucker Blues by Bludded Head
  8. Little Joe by Bueno
  9. All I Know by The Cherry Wave
  10. Portion Control by Clean Girls
  11. Work Work by clipping. feat. Cocc Pistol Cree
  12. Sand of Sea by Cloud Becomes Your Hand
  13. Kingdom of Beauty by Courtship Ritual
  14. History of Handclaps by Erase Errata
  15. You’re Shit by Good Throb
  16. Offline Meet by HIVE BENT
  17. Eastern State by Kindling
  18. Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears by Krill
  19. Rat River by lié
  20. Clue Juice by MANNEQUIN PUSSY
  21. Othello by Multicult
  22. Reactor by Nots
  23. Golden Age Raps by Open Mike Eagle
  24. Bodies Made Of by Parquet Courts
  25. And Breeding by Priests
  26. Scum, Rise! by Protomartyr
  27. Canal by RATKING
  28. They Come in Gold by Shabazz Palaces
  29. Chillin’ by Sleeping Bag
  30. Rest Versus Rust by Spray Paint
  31. Bring Dumpster Back by Spray Paint
  32. In Defiance of the Sages by Thou
  33. Teeth by Trash Kit
  34. Biomonster DNA by Ultramantis Black
  35. Sloppy Joes by vomitface
  36. Human Worm by Waylon Thornton
  37. Couches by wimps









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DBA 2014

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