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We are excited to share our latest q and also a with Noah Kardos-Fein a/k/a YVETTE.

The latest album by YVETTE, How The Garden Grows comes out this Friday via Western Vinyl.
q: What is the first album you remember purchasing for yourself?
a: I definitely recall the very first CD I ever bought myself: U2’s Pop. I couldn’t wait to jam it on my first CD player, a Nickelodeon CD Blast Box.

Nickelodeon CD Blast Box
q: Is there an album you wished you knew about when you were younger?
a: Hard to say. Maybe Bo Hansson – Magician’s Hat. Maybe Aphrodite’s Child – 666. Or maybe U.S. Maple – Long Hair in Three Stages. I’m not sure I would have been ready for those, but if I knew about them I’d have probably been a lot cooler in high school.



q: What is one of your favorite memories of experiencing music in a live setting?
a: Not a specific memory per se, but a loose grouping of memories: attending/playing shows at Death By Audio. Familiar faces, a tangible sense of community, no frills, low pressure, a solid sound system, just the right pinch of dinginess with a dash of healthy naivete. Positive attitudes and that feeling that people were there for the right reasons. It helped that the sound was reliably good there, too.





q: What is the last album that you purchased?
a: L’Rain – Fatigue. Special edition “crystal waters” color!

q: How has your relationship with music changed during the Pandemic?
a: I feel a little more distant and disconnected than I did before. When the pandemic hit, I was just beginning to find a groove of heading to the practice space, collaborating with some friends, trying out new ways of writing and recording, and trying out new gear. Not being able to go to that practice space – moving a lot of my gear home – and not being able to have a dedicated time and place to blast strange sounds through a cranked amp or even play in the same room as other humans really threw me off, to be honest. It’s been a little bit lonely. I’m still figuring out my new regimen. I miss shows and feeling inspired and energized and seeing friendly faces all in the moment. I miss the spontaneity. On the other hand, it’s been exciting to watch and participate in virtual shows. Those really helped me feel connected again. And I hope they don’t go away, even when the coast is totally clear again.
q: What should we know about How the Garden Grows?
a: You have to sow the seeds, tend to the plants, and weed out the unwanted ones all with the best intentions in mind. But remember that there is only so much within your control. And just because there is much outside of your control doesn’t mean it’s not worth carrying on with your garden.


“For a Moment”

“Contact High”

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