bestof2009 :: The 11 Most Awesome Albums

And now more Best of 2009 coverage. These are most awesome albums of the year.

I thought I was gonna get this list down to 10, but I couldn’t do it (I tried). There were a bunch more excellent albums were released this year, but these were the ones I kept coming back to again and again a clear indicator of awesomeness.


Listen: We Are Water (mp3)


2. Power Move by Screaming Females

Listen: Buried In The Nude (mp3)

Power Move
(buy Power Move)

3. They Know What Ghost Know by Yppah

Listen: Bobbie Joe Wilson (mp3)

They Know What Ghost Know
(buy They Know What Ghost Know)

4. I Blame You by Obits

Listen: Talking To The Dog (mp3)

I Blame You
(buy I Blame You)

5. Dim Light by Gun Outfit

Listen: Troubles Like Mine (mp3)

Dim Light
(buy Dim Light)

6. Losing Feeling by No Age

Listen: You’re A Target (mp3)

Losing Feeling
(buy Losing Feeling)

7. Drift by Nosaj Thing

Listen: IOIO (mp3)

(buy Drift)

8. Inca Orange by Pollination

Listen: Some Sun (Yppah Remix) (mp3)

Inca Orange
(download Inca Orange)

9. Setting The Paces by BOAT

Listen: We Want It, We Want It (mp3)

Setting The Paces
(buy Setting The Paces)

10. Born Again Revisited by Times New Viking

Listen: No Time, No Hope (mp3)

Born Again Revisited
(buy Born Again Revisited)

11. Lemons by Ty Segall

Listen: Lovely One (mp3)

(buy Lemons)

If you want to download all the individual tracks in this post, you should think about installing the DownThemAll! Firefox extension.

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Best Of 2009

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4 Responses to “bestof2009 :: The 11 Most Awesome Albums”

  1. Emily Arkin Says:

    added all the ones I didn’t have yet to my emusic “saved for later” list…woo!

  2. b o b Says:

    I [heart] eMusic [/heart]

  3. Slipped Through the Cracks // Nosaj Thing « Part-Time Music Says:

    […] than skirting it off to the side after a superficial listen. Apparently others didn’t make the same mistake as me, but fortunately I came around to […]

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  4. GIMME TINNITUS» Blog Archive » mp3 :: Obits > You Gotta Lose Says:

    […] this post as it features a new track by Brooklyn’s own Obits, who last effort was one of our Most Awesome Albums of 2009. The new album is called Moody, Standard and Poor, and is set to be released on March 29 via the […]

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