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mp3 :: Rodan > Darjeeling

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Emerging from the same Louisville post-hardcore scene that spawned Squirrel Bait and Slint, Rodan reportedly formed in 1992 out of a failed high school rap project. The band maintained a serious cult following over the years and now fans of their only LP, Rusty, should get excited.

On June 11th, Quarterstick Records will release Fifteen Quiet Years, a collection of Rodan recordings including a 1994 BBC Peel session together with out-of-print 7 Inch and compilation tracks.

Back in 2009, Jeff Mueller and Jason Noble of Rodan remastered the tracks with help from Bob Weston (of Volcano Suns and Shellac) at his Chicago Mastering Service. Here is a track off the Inclined Plane 7 Inch.


Downloadable: Darjeeling (mp3)

Fifteen Quiet Years will be available for purchase @ All formats of the album will include a digital download of 10 bonus live recordings.

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15 years quiet

mp3 :: Mission of Burma > Second Television

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Earlier this month, Boston postpunk stalwarts Mission Of Burma released their fifth studio album, Unsound via UK label Fire Records. As per usual, it features tape loops and production from Mr. Bob Weston (of Shellac). The albums continues Mission Of Burma‘s record of releasing solid records with great songwriting (just sayin’).


Downloadable: Second Television (mp3)

You can purchase a physical copy of Unsound @

You can purchase a (discounted) digital version of Unsound @

And why not purchase some merch from the band @

Upcoming NYC Show:

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BONUS: Dust Devil (mp3)

Unsound by Mission of Burma

mp3 :: Nonagon > Fresnel Lens

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Chicago postpunk 3 piece Nonagon released their brand new EP, People Live Everywhere last week. The band skillfully captures the postpunk aesthetic in the five songs on this EP. Mastering was performed by Mr. Bob Weston (of Shellac fame). This right here is track number two.


Downloadable: Fresnel Lens (mp3)

You can stream the whole of People Live Everywhere using the widget below.

Streamable: People Live Everywhere (bandcamp)

You can order People Live Everywhere on 180g vinyl or just purchase the digital version @

Ed. Note: you can read more about nonagons @

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People Live Everywhere EP by Nonagon

mp3 :: The Shellac Mixtape

Monday, September 6th, 2010

As the (sold out) Shellac show at The Bell House is rapidly approaching, I put together this little mixtape of Shellac songs to get you all excited. This right here is kind of like a Shellac for Dummies or something like that. Listen.


Wingwalker (mp3) from Uranus

Rambler Song (mp3) from The Rude Gesture: A Political History

Song Of The Minerals (mp3) from At Action Park

Copper (mp3) from Terraform

Watch Song (mp3) from 1000 Hurts

The End of Radio (mp3) from the band’s 2004 Peel Session

Steady As She Goes (mp3) from Excellent Italian Greyhound

And remember, while the digital versions of these songs are great and all, you should probably track down and purchase the analog versions as well.

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mp3 :: Antimagic > Never Learn Not To Run

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

So Antimagic‘s album, Trash Symmetry came out way back in October of 2009. That doesn’t mean you should not run to their bandcamp page and buy it right now. The band taps a similar yet slightly less chaotic vein as other practitioners of the art of Anti-Magic. This track clocks in at Shellac-ian 8 minutes and 36 seconds. Listen.

Downloadable: Never Learn Not To Run (mp3)

You can (and let’s face it, should) purchase Trash Symmetry @ the Antimagic bandcamp.

The band also has a newish live tape called Live Trash. Stream it below:

Streamable: Live Trash (bandcamp)

<a href="">Trash Nautilus by Antimagic</a>

Upcoming NYC Show:
Sept 10 @ Don Pedro w/ THE PSYCHED

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Trash Symmetry by Antimagic