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stream these :: Nonsense + Weed + Vomitface + Hits + Vaadat Charigim + Expert Alterations + Spray Paint + John Atkinson + Seapony + Speedy Ortiz + Dan Friel

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

So, here is this week’s round up of all the necessary audio/video streams. I’m pretty sure that I am leaving something out, so leave a comment and let me know what’s missing. Or not.

Tyler Kane‘s headphone melting screams are now on bandcamp. NYC’s own Nonsense is sharing a self-titled three song EP that is just filled with their dual vocal loud quiet punk. See them play tomorrow at the final BKNB show and then again in June at this batshit crazy GT + Ipsum + EIS show at Aviv during Northside. Pay want you want for Nonsense.

Thousand Pounds is the new video by Weed. Buy some Weed.

Vomitface craftily use yoga to sell their brand in the music video NEVER MAKE IT. Buy their new EP damnit.

Hits is a new percussive musical project featuring Allan Wilson (ex-!!! aka chk chk chk), Lisa Schonberg and Heather Treadway (ex-Explode Into Colors). It is also pretty ungoogleable for a band name. Anyway listen to Big Metal then buy the tape from Crash Symbols.

Stream the whole of Vaadat Charigim‘s new LP Sinking As A Stone. Buy it from Burger.

Oh, tune into GTRT on Newtown Radio this Sunday to hear Juval from Vaadat Charigim play some awesome undergroud Israeli music. 5/24 @ 4 PM EST!

Midnight Garden is the first single off of Baltimore poppers Expert Alterations‘ new self-titled EP, preorder it from Slumberland.

expert alterations
Here is a new Spray Paint track called Country Singer. It is from the forthcoming split 7″ with Aussie nowavers EXEK.

HEADS UP Australia! Spray Paint is coming for you. Their tour starts June 12th, 2015 in Brisbane, and ends June 28th at the Barwon Club in Geelong.

ICYMI, John Atkinson of Aa composed the soundtrack to the investigative documentary Asasin în Lege about the killing of a Russian businessman. The soundtrack is the inaugural release from new experimental music label Florabelle. This track is called Air Lock. Buy it.

Asasin În Lege
Saw The Light is the latest track from Seattle gentle punks, Seapony. Preorder their new album A Vision, ummm, now.

Watch the MA’s own Speedy Ortiz new horror (music) vid, Raising the Skate where they take on a cat ghost or something.

You already know Foil Deer, is the bomb, right?. Good.

Sixdust are some of NYC’s premiere documenters of awesome shows. E.G. here’s Dan Friel live @ The Wick. And because this post is so long, I’m not even posting Lightning Bolt or Zs!!

AND remember there’s always lots to stream at the GIMME TINNITUS Soundcloud or the GT Youtubes, and also at the GT Tumblr too.

best of 2015 :: Favorite Recordings, Vol. 1

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

And now let’s review the first volume of the GIMME TINNITUS canon for 2015. Here are some of our favorite recordings from 2015 in no particular order.

Listen (then buy, if you haven’t already).
Corps by Zs

Angelfish by ADVAETA

advaeta death and the internet
Doctor M by Grooms

Grooms Comb The Feeling THrough Your Hair
Bloodlust, Virgina by Clean Girls

The Swimmer by METZ

metz ii
Wet (mp3) by Death Vacation

Ancient Drips by Courtship Ritual

Raising the Skate by Speedy Ortiz

Lost Crown by Sannhet

Bruise by Vomitface

The Metal East by Lightning Bolt

Meadows by Eula

#2 Hit Single by Pile

Double Negative by Love Of Diagrams

love of diagrams blast
Foot by Krill

  • purchase A Distant Fist Unclenching @ exploding in sound dot

Learning to Relax by Dan Deacon

dan deacon gliss riffer
We’ve Come So Far (mp3) by A Place To Bury Strangers

aptbs transfixiation
Bitemarks by Single Lash

Arm of the T-Rex by Beech Creeps

Plague Is Vague by Useless Eaters

Rescue Don by NEEDS

In February by Noveller

Seventeen by Wildhoney

Shopping by Pink Section

You can check out the rest of the GIMME TINNITUS “best of” coverage using this link.

Remember there’s always lots to stream at the GIMME TINNITUS Soundcloud or the GT Youtubes, and also at the GT Tumblr too.

If you like what you see/hear you should probably head over to your local independent record store and purchase some vinyl or tapes or maybe a CD or better yet buy directly from the band next time you go out to a show. If you just want the 0s and 1s, maybe head over to eMusic or Midheaven or your favorite digital music store.


stream these :: Lightning Bolt + Kill Alters + Roomrunner + NICE GUYS + Junk Boys + lost boy ? + Speedy Ortiz

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

So, here is this week’s round up of all the necessary audio/video streams. I’m pretty sure that I am leaving something out. Leave a comment and let me know what’s missing.

New Lightning Bolt. I repeat. New Lightning Bolt. The Metal East.

(as seen)
The Kill Alters LP is out now on GODMODE. Autobiographical electronic noise. Read about and buy it here.

Karn is the new video from Baltimore posthardcore outfit Roomrunner. And it is a time traveling post apocalyptic masterpiece. Props to Stephen Tringali and Peter Binswanger. Purchase the Separate EP here.

(as seen)
Chips in the Moonlight is the new album by NICE GUYS and Stinker is their ultraviolent new new video. Purchase the EP here.

(as seen)
Pay what you want for the new psychrock jam from Junk Boys (Ex-Organs and members of Dream Police and the Yin Yangs). Buy it.


About The Future is the second single off of Lost Boy ?‘s new LP Canned which comes out 3/31/15. Preorder it from Paper Cup Music here.

Finally, Raising The Skate is the first single to drop from Speedy Ortiz‘s new album Foil Deer which is set to be released by Carpark on 4/21/15. Preorder Foil Deer here.

UPDATE: Props to Jake Saunders for suggesting an EIS Recs supplement with Krill and Leapling and I’m throwing in some Pile as well. You should go to right now to buy everything because EIS Forever.

AND remember there’s always lots to stream at the GIMME TINNITUS Soundcloud or the GT Youtubes, and also at the GT Tumblr too.

audio stream :: Big Ups > Rash

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

BIG UPS have two new track that they are releasing two different ways. First in Europe via Tough Love Records as 7″ on October 27th, and then as a split with Washer via the venerable Exploding In Sound Records on November 18th. Here is the A-Side. The vocals here are just plain brutal in the best way and seemed to be, well, pulling themselves apart.


Streamable: Rash (soundcloud)

US 7″ preorder (100 snot green & 400 black) @

Europe 7″ preorder (transparent vinyl) @

Additional preorder links @

Upcoming Tour Dates:

October 16 – New York, NY – The Studio At Webster Hall #
October 18 – Seattle, WA – Vera Project ^
October 19 – Portland, OR – Slabtown ^
October 21 – San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop ^
October 22 – Oakland, CA – 1, 2, 3, 4 Go Records ^
October 23 – Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room ^
October 24 – Los Angeles, CA – Jewel’s Catch One ^
October 25 – San Diego, CA – The Hideout ^
October 26 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock ^
November 2 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge %
December 21 – New York, NY – Webster Hall, Marlin Room $

# w/ Dope Body
^ w/ LVL UP
% w/ Ex Hex, Speedy Ortiz
$ w/ The So So Glos, Kitty, more @ BrooklynVegan + The Front Bottoms ‘Champagne Jam’

BIG UPS are on Tumblr
BIG UPS are on Bandcamp
BIG UPS are on Facebook
BIG UPS are on Twitter
BIG UPS are on liveatsheastadium
BIG UPS are on Hype Machine
BIG UPS are on East Coast Basements and Bedrooms
BIG UPS are on Dead Labour Records
BIG UPS are on Tough Love

BONUS: Fresh Meat (mp3)

Big Ups by Shea

mp3s :: NOT POSTED Mix, Vol. 75

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

It has been a while! It’s time to check out a bunch of the tracks I have not posted recently. These are just a few of the songs that would get their own individual posts here on GIMME TINNITUS if I only had the time. Here is the next NOT POSTED mix.

Instructions for use: you can play the individual tracks using the tiny play buttons next to each mp3 link, OR you can stream the whole page using the streampad player at the bottom of the page, OR you can just download any or all of the mp3s at your leisure and play them using a digital media player of your choice.



  1. Enough (mp3) by The Meltaways

    [pay what you want for Demo @]

  2. Robyn Byrd (mp3) by Butter The Children

    [pay what you want for True Crime @]

  3. Bigger Party (mp3) by Speedy Ortiz

    [d/l all the Adult Swim 2014 Singles @

  4. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU (Slant 6 Cover) (mp3) by Arm Candy

    [pay what you want for The Right to Bear Arm Candy @]

  5. Boys Are Dumb (mp3) by Bugs and Rats

    [pay what you want for s/t @]

  6. Acid House (mp3) by Good Throb

    [d/l the wavs of FUCK OFF @]

  7. PROPHECY (mp3) by Chrome
  8. IN THE FLESH (mp3) by BONG WISH
  9. Only Around (mp3) by rRope

    [d/l the Deathbomb Arc 2014 label sampler @]

  10. Unforgiving Sun (mp3) by Grand Mariner

    [pay what you want for Happy to Birth @]

  11. Headhunting (mp3) by JPEGASUS

    [pay what you want for Title @]

  12. (i wish my sister was a) pizza (mp3) by ice cream social

    [pay what you want for Something Has Come Up I Absolutely Cannot Make It To The @]

  13. Almost Vince (mp3) by Lubec
  14. Concealed (mp3) by Semi Femme

    [pay what you want for Cotillion @]

  15. Useless Artifact (mp3) by Galkin

    [pay what you want for Pity Party EP @]

  16. She Came Through (Again) (mp3) by Los Angeles Police Department
  17. Brownlee (mp3) by Civil Union

    [pay what you want for Civil Union @]

  18. Guatemala (mp3) by Amanda X
  19. Sagawa’s Breakfast Baptism (mp3) by Log Horn Breed

    [pay what you want for Bachman Turner Overdrives @]

  20. Sand Of Sea (mp3) by Cloud Becomes Your Hand
  21. vitamins, floating (mp3) by EWOK FUR

    [pay what you want for dustlights @]

If you want to download all the individual tracks in this post, you should probably think about installing the DownThemAll! or FlashGot Firefox extensions as I am way too lazy to zip and upload every single NOT POSTED mix.

Also, if you like what you hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers (or your local independent record store):

Insound | eMusic | Other Music

And be sure to check out the other NOT POSTED mixes.