Consider CLICKing: Contrast Podcast Minutemen BONUS + High Places do Daytrotter + Wives b-sides + more

The Contrast Podcast this week features the theme, Trios. It features the songs of many a kick ass trio… Nirvana, The Jam, The Police, Dino Jr., The Parallelograms, among others. My conribution is a song by Double DaggerThe Psychic (posttypography mp3)

Listen to the podcast: The Trios CP (tim young mp3)

I was surprised that there was no Minutemen. I was sure someone would include some Minutemen. They are like the bestest punkrock trio, like ever. To make up for this horrible miscarriage of justice I present a trio of Minutemen songs.

Listen to the Contrast Podcast Minutemen BONUS:
Hey Lawdy Mama (mp3)
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs (mp3)
The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts (mp3)

If you like buy some more… here or here.

– Tweedubbers High Places do Daytrotterhere. Also on Daytrotter, last years’ CMJ darlings Drink Up Buttercuphere.

Fuck Yeah Go Team posts some (pre-No Age) Wives b-sides… here.

Wavves makes a big ass list of cool shit for Pitchforkhere. Listen to Wavves: No Hope Kids (mp3)

– There’s two new Lounge Acts to check out at WOXY…. The Antlers’ is here, and Bear Hands’ is here.

Listen to ’em:
The Antlers Lounge Act (woxy mp3)
Bear Hands Lounge Act (woxy mp3)

Underneathica blogs about Obits but then posts a Dick Hell cover of The Kinks. Nice… here.

Fingertips (your home for free and legal mp3s) posts a Dog Day song with a noiice earlyREMjangle to it… here.


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