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Woah, 2010 was a pretty awesome year for music.

This here post is evidence of that fact. What follows is a compilation of all the tracks that have been stuck in my head all year long. Definitely check out the top 20 tracks, but also make sure you scroll through the whole list. Perhaps there is something down there that you missed (maybe)?

This is my largest year end list yet (last year’s list is here), added up this list is over SEVEN HOURS of music. It was really difficult to edit down (it started with around 190 tracks). FYI: the Top 20 tracks should fit nicely onto a CD-R (if you still use that particular technology).

Did I miss something totally awesome? Then leave a comment and let me know. Have fun listening/downloading.

Here are the Top 20 Downloadables of the year (in order):

  1. USA BOYS (mp3) by HEALTH
  2. Glitter (mp3) by No Age
  3. Friendly Ghost (mp3) by Harlem
  4. Ambling Alp (mp3) by Yeasayer
  5. Odessa (mp3) by Caribou
  6. Four Fires (mp3) by ADULT THEMES
  7. Magic Child (mp3) by True Womanhood
  8. I’ve Gotta Get (mp3) by Woven Bones
  9. Tell ‘Em (mp3) by Sleigh Bells
  10. M.B.T. (mp3) by Susu
  11. Sung (Not Said) (mp3) by Magnetic Island
  12. IMHO (mp3) by Wonder Wheel
  13. Drifting (mp3) by Young Adults
  14. Message From Limbo (mp3) by Marie Stella
  15. Diamond Way (mp3) by JEFF The Brotherhood
  16. Summer Friends (mp3) by Junk Culture
  17. Yellow Wings (mp3) by Keepaway
  18. Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith) (mp3) by Crystal
  19. I Do (mp3) by Screaming Females
  20. Revival (mp3) by Deerhunter

And here is every single other song that you absolutely must download right now in alphabetical order (by artist).

    Airbrushed (mp3) by Anamanaguchi

    Shake Shake Shake (Single Edit) (mp3) by Antimagic

    Brussels Truffles (mp3) by Archers

    CGI Fridays (mp3) by Back to the Future The Ride

    Clamor (mp3) by Balmorhea

    When I’m With You (mp3) by Best Coast

    Ace (Demo) (mp3) by The Big Sleep

    Modern Disbelief (mp3) by Blackbird Blackbird

    Heat & Depression (mp3) by Blank Dogs

    Here Sometimes (mp3) by Blonde Redhead

    Never Mine (mp3) by Brilliant Colors

    Medulla Oblongata (mp3) by Buke And Gāss

    Gonna Listen To T Rex (All Night Long) (mp3) by Burnt Ones

    Royal Orange (mp3) by Campfires

    Even If It Worked Out (mp3) by Cloud Nothings

    Dogma Sheen (mp3) by Coin Under Tongue

    Doubt (mp3) by The Corin Tucker Band

    Pollution Shampoo (mp3) by Coyote Clean Up

    Shake The Shackles (mp3) by Crystal Stilts

    Go Outside (mp3) by Cults

    Teenage Whore (mp3) by Dinosaur Feathers

    Phone Home from the Edge (mp3) by Dinowalrus

    Burn Bridges (mp3) by DOM

    Pillow Talk (mp3) by Double Dagger

    MIRRORIMAGE (mp3) by Ducktails

    Jail La La (mp3) by Dum Dum Girls

    Handle (mp3) by Dunes

    All the Things (Demo) (mp3) by Endless Endless Endless

    Ouija Boarding (mp3) by Erase Errata

    Daisy (mp3) by Fang Island

    The Awkward Circuit Boards (Or: Look Out! I Think I’m Going
          To FEEL!)

    Rebuilt Leer (mp3) by Firebrand Boy

    The Ghosts That Wake You (mp3) by Follow That Bird!

    Lovers With Iraqis (MP3 version) (mp3) by Foot Village

    You Won’t Be Happy (mp3) by The Forgery Series

    Steady Hand (Feat. Andrew Thiboldeux) (mp3) by The Forms

    Candy (mp3) by Frankie Rose And The Outs

    i am the least of your problems (demo) (mp3) by Future Of The Left

    Out, Don’t (mp3) by Gauntlet Hair

    In Your Room (mp3) by Ghost Animal

    Self Awakening (mp3) by Ernest Gonzales

    Francis (mp3) by Gray Goods

    Hold (mp3) by Hands

    Memo to the Man (mp3) by Zach Hill

    Hot Tub Freaks Like You (mp3) by The Hood Internet

    Form (mp3) by Hooray for Earth

    I Don’t Believe It (mp3) by Idle Times

    Art Czars (mp3) by Japandroids

    Vibrationz (mp3) by Javelin

    In My Time (mp3) by Kurt Vile

    Never Come Around (mp3) by La Sera

    Remember (mp3) by Lali Puna

    Transparency Is the New Mystery (mp3) by Marnie Stern

    Latin Lover (mp3) by Mi Ami

    Devil in Your Eyes (mp3) by MiniBoone

    Rano Pano (mp3) by Mogwai

    Fort Awesome (mp3) by Motico

    See Waves (mp3) by Nice Nice

    Blackout Sex (mp3) by Night Manager

    Hawaii (mp3) by No Joy

    Fog (Jamie xx Remix) (mp3) by Nosaj Thing

    Maria Sabina (Retrograde Mix) (mp3) by Pollination

    Vermont (mp3) by Procedure Club

    Lizard Queen (mp3) by Quilty

    Party With Children (mp3) by Ratatat

    Wasting Time (mp3) by Reading Rainbow

    Crushing Limbs (mp3) by Anni Rossi

    Caesar (mp3) by Ty Segall

    Virginia Reel (mp3) by SHAPERS

    Shark? (mp3) by Shark?

    Highway Scratch (mp3) by Sisters

    Polylith (mp3) by Sleepies

    Warm Regards (mp3) by Seth Smith

    Throw Yourself Apart (mp3) by SOARS

    C’mon (mp3) by The Soft Pack

    Wanderings (mp3) by Spirituals

    Years (Five – Eight) (mp3) by Starscream

    Mountain (mp3) by Su

    Lock And Key (mp3) by Super Wild Horses

    Neon Beams (mp3) by Take

    Real Life (mp3) by Tanlines

    I Was Denied (mp3) by Thee Oh Sees

    I Don’t Believe You (mp3) by The Thermals

    No Room to Live (mp3) by Times New Viking

    Fresh Hex (feat. Beck) (mp3) by TOBACCO

    Leave Everywhere (mp3) by Toro Y Moi

    Magical Date Night (mp3) by Total Slacker

    4312 (mp3) by Tyvek

    I Hate The 80’s (mp3) by The Vaselines

    The History of Plastic (mp3) by The War On Drugs

    Undertow (mp3) by Warpaint

    End Times (mp3) by Weekend

    Born Stoked (mp3) by Wet Illustrated

    Chinatown (mp3) by Wild Nothing

    Eyesore (mp3) by Women

    With Fangs (mp3) by YVETTE

Oh, and be sure to check out the rest of our of best of posts.

Additionally, if you like what you hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers (or your local independent record store):

Insound | Amazon MP3 | eMusic | Other Music

Also, If you want to download all (or most of) the tracks in this post, you should probably think about installing the DownThemAll! or FlashGot Firefox extensions.

Best of 2.01k

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