Friday Night Vids: Crystal Stilts + TAD-Garden + Prefuse 73 + Impossible Hair + Obits + more

Streamable: Departure ( by Crystal Stilts

mp3 BONUS: Departure (mp3)

Streamable: Fight No More Forever (Remix) ( by USAISAMONSTER

Streamable: The Class of 73 Bells (youtube) by School of Seven Bells remixed by Prefuse 73

Streamable: Freak Scene (at SXSW 2009) (youtube) by Dinosaur Jr.

mp3 BONUS: Freak Scene (mp3)

Streamable: Two-Headed Coin (live in phila) (youtube) by Obits

Streamable: Tambourines Of Fury (youtube) by Impossible Hair

Streamable: Hunted Down (Live) (youtube) by TADGarden (a/k/a Tad, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd, Matt Cameron)

Props to Stereogum

Streamable: Luxury Condos For The Poor (Live @ Uncle Paulie’s 2007) (youtube) by Double Dagger

mp3 BONUS: Luxury Condos For The Poor (mp3)

Streamable: Take Pills (youtube) by Panda Bear

Streamable: The Two of You (Live @ Mercury Lounge) (youtube) by Browns

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