mp3s: U.S. Girls vs. Girls vs. Vivian Girls vs. The Girls vs. Parenthetical Girls

Mining, Vol. 10

In the spirit of the Sound Check Smackdown, today we have a grudge match in mp3 form. Today’s Question: Who is the best “girls”-named band playing at SXSW this year? Is it U.S. Girls or Girls or Vivian Girls or The Girls (not to be confused with Girls) or Parenthetical Girls?


A Day At The Races (sxsw mp3) by U.S. Girls
Lust For Life (sxsw mp3) by Girls
I Believe In Nothing (mp3) by Vivian Girls
Not I (sxsw mp3) by The Girls
A Song For Ellie Greenwich (sxsw mp3) by Parenthetical Girls

SXSW Schedules:
U.S. Girls schedule is here.
Girls schedule is here.
Vivian Girls schedule is here.
The Girls schedule is here.
Parenthetical Girls schedule is here.

Winner: uhh… Vivian Girls, I guess. What do you all think?

Note: there’s even more “girls”-named bands @ Gorilla Vs. Bearhere.

Anyway, have fun at SXSW y’all. Maybe I’ll go next year, provided our civilization doesn’t collapse.

Vivian Girls by Austin Warnock

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