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If you like Blank Dogs and/or post-backlash pre-meltdown Wavves (and let’s not mention Joy Division or Cabaret Voltaire), then you should prolly get some Torontoindiefuzz from Little Girls. Their Tambourine EP was released by Paper Bag Records earlier this week. The band plans to release two more EPs before the end of the year.

Downloadable: Tambourine (mp3)

Now you may ask yourself… “Another band with ‘Girls’ in their name, how I am supposed to keep track of this indie band name trend”?? This post may help.

Also, I have it on good authority that that Little Girls is the offshoot of the distortedeverythingduo known as Pirate/Rock whom I had not heard of until now. Maybe they are your favorite new band? I hear they have an EP in the works.

Upcoming dates for Little Girls:
July 8 @ Cake Shop
July 10 @ Cameo Gallery with Japandroids
July 11 @ TBA

Paper Bag Records is here.
Mexican Summer is here.
Captured Tracks is on myspace.
Recent FADER post is here.
eMusic page is here.

BONUS: What We Did (mp3)

Little Girls

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