TOMORROW: Javelin / Liturgy / Future Islands / Double Dagger

Where: Market Hotel

Oh My Rockness profile is here.

When: Thursday, March 19 @ 9:00 PM


Sorry, no Teeth Mountain as previously listed.

Band: Javelin Description: “hip-hop and electro production duo”
Pictures: speak louder than words
Watch: Soda Popinski (vimeo)

Band: Liturgy Description: “brutal death metal”
Watch: Live @ Market Hotel Dec 19 2008 (youtube)

Band: Future Islands Description: “perpetual singer movement in front of motionless band”
Pictures: speak louder than words
Listen: Old Friend (upset the rhythm mp3)

Band: Double Dagger Description: “post punk band”
GT blogspot Description: “postpostpunkers”
Pictures: speak louder than words
Listen: No Allies (Live) (mp3) (source: Jeff Mewbourn The Baltimore Taper, Thanks!)
More mp3 are here.

Why: Double Dagger, Double Dagger, Double Dagger! They have built up a reputation as a fucking insane live act. I have missed Double Dagger every time they came to New York last year and it is really getting on my nerves that I have not seen them live. I just hope this show lives up to my expectations. Plus, their new Thrill Jockey album, MORE drops soon (more on that later).

Also, the Bard College show listed on the poster below is canceled and moved to Philly. Here are some deets…

Friday, March 20
Philadelphia, PA
Danger Danger Gallery
w/ Future Islands, +1 local TBA

Double Dagger + Future Islands Show Flyer

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