YESTERDAY: Real Estate / Vampire Hands / Wavves / ddmmyyyy

A little past the last minute, I went to the Mercury Lounge last night to see this show. I got there late. It was a weird vibe. What was up with the really tall dude in the suit? After listening to a couple talk about what it’s like living in Murray Hill, I just felt out of place.

Who: Real Estate
Comment: Missed ’em. Damn.
Listen: Black Lake (mp3)

Who: Vampire Hands
Comment: Missed ’em. I did buy some merch from them as they are kinda awesome.
Listen: Safe Word (mp3)

Who: Wavves
Comment: Mr. Nathan Williams seemed like an affable chap. His hair flops about when he plays. It results in an effect that is Fraggle-esque. Maybe it’s the new tshirts, but I walked away feeling his live act a Wipers-y feel. Is it me or without all those distorted vocals does Williams kinda sounds like Greg Sage?
Listen: Beach Demon (mp3)

Who: dd/mm/yyyy
Comment: I had to leave early. It’s was a frickin’ Monday night. I guess I am just not that rock ‘n roll. Sorry dudes, I catch you next time.
Listen: Infinity Skull Cube (mp3)
Watch the awesome video for Infinity Skull Cube… here.

Wavves @ Mercury Lounge 3/30/09
(source: flickr)

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