Consider CLICKing: Beck reissue goodness + Free Slumberland Sampler + Mika Miko Sex Jazz + More

>> Perhaps my favorite album by Mr. Beck Hanson is getting a deluxe reissue, One Foot In The Grave. Check out the deets… here.

Streamable Embed:

NOTE: Be sure to stream “Teenage Wastebasket”

>> There is an awesomely free Slumberland Records Spring 2009 Sampler over @ Amazonhere.

Downloadable: Prismatic Room (mp3) by Crystal Stilts

>> Check out the Mika Miko Sex Jazz A-Side over at Passion Of The Weisshere. Check out the B-Side at the GT blogspothere.

>> PTST reminds us that the (FUCKING AWESOME) Power Move by Screaming Females is finally had its official release… here.

The Females also got a write up the Village Voicehere.

Also officially released as of yesterday, is the Like Bells eponymous album, and the Steve Albini-produced A Tempo! A Tempo! by Austrian math[SKINNG GRRR]rockers Valina.

Buried In The Nude (mp3) (order) by Screaming Females
Atlas (exit stencil mp3) (order) by Like Bells
Phantom Of My Longest Day (joyful noise mp3) (order) by Valina

>> The latest Contrast Podcast looks at the best of 2009. Track listing and deets are… here.

Downloadable: The best of 2009 so far (part 1) (mp3)
My Submission: So Bored by Wavves

>> Now I rarely post links to whole albums, but when it’s a new wave masterpiece that has never ever been released on CD I just can’t resist. Download the I.R.S. GREATEST HITS VOLS. 2 & 3 over at Sound Biteshere. And yes, it’s tax day and I am linking to something I.R.S.-related, ugggh.

Power Move by Screaming Females

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