Friday Night Vids: Mi Ami Live @ WFMU + Dananananaykroyd + Devo + Abe Vigoda + Live Cymbals Eat Guitars + More

Streamable: Various Songs Live @ WFMU (daily motion) by Mi Ami

(props to the FADER)

Streamable: Pink Sabbath (vimeo) by Dananananaykroyd

mp3 BONUS: Pink Sabbath (mp3)

Streamable: Don’t Shoot (vimeo) by Devo

Streamable: Don’t Lie (vimeo) by Abe Vigoda

mp3 BONUS: Don’t Lie (mp3)

Streamable: Various Songs Live @ The Cake Shop (vimeo) by Cymbals Eat Guitars

(props to Pitchfork, of course)

Streamable: Empty Glasses (vimeo) by Breeders

Streamable: Various Songs Live @ The Echo (youtube) by HEALTH

Streamable: Thank You Mario! But Our Princess Is In Another Castle! (youtube) by The Mountain Goats & Kaki King

Streamable: Refuse Angels (youtube) by Crocodiles

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