TONIGHT: The Forms / These Are Powers / Enon

Where: The Bell House
Oh My Rockness Profile is here.

When: Tonight 4/9 @ 7:30pm / 18+ / $12

Who: The Forms Description: “wiry, punchy indie pop”
Listen: Getting It Back (mp3)
Listen More: Redgun (mp3)

Who: These Are Powers Description: “Exotic, abstract, hand-crafted sounds—made, found and electronically born”
Listen: Double Double Yolk (mp3)
Listen More: Chipping Ice (mp3)

Who: Enon Description: “After Brainiac’s disbandment, guitarist Schmersal teamed up with ex-Skeleton Key members Lee and Calhoon to form Enon.”
Listen: Mirror On You (mp3)
Listen More: Natural Disasters (mp3)

Why: Did you look at that bill? Every freakin’ band is amazing. Go to this show (provided your mom won’t plotz)!

The Forms Drum Kit

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