mp3s: The Mike Watt Played Some Covers Post

So, Mike Watt & The Missingmen played Mercury Lounge last Friday. Probably my favorite part of the set was the covers. The bands covered have certainly had a big influence on Watt. This fact was well documented in We Jam Econo. Maybe now they’ll influence you.

First up was Wire,

Downloadables: Three Girl Rhumba (mp3) and Ex Lion Tamer (mp3)
(a quick aside: definitely listen to the live recording of The Missingmen performing Ex Lion Tamer over @ their myspace)

Then The Stooges (‘member that Mike Watt replaced Dave Alexander on The Stooges latest tour),

Downloadable: Fun House (mp3)

Finally, Blue Öyster Cult. This here is the Minutemen cover.

Downloadable: The Red And The Black (mp3)

Can’t wait to hear the punkrockopera he is working on.

Mike Watt’s hootpage here.
Corn Dogs dot org is here.
Minutemen eMusic page is here.

Mike Watt And The Missing Men

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