Friday Night Vids: Auto-Tune The News #5 + Love Is All + Japandroids + ZAZA

Streamable: Auto-Tune the News #5: lettuce regulation. American blessings.

Streamable: Last Choice (youtube) by Love is All

Streamable: Crazy/Forever + Heart Sweats (Live on KEXP Part 1) (youtube) by Japandroids

Downloadable: Heart Sweats (mp3)

Streamable: Racer X (Big Black Cover) + Young Hearts Spark Fire (Live on KEXP Part 2) (youtube) by Japandroids

Streamable: Live @ Northside Fest (Part 1) (vimeo) by ZAZA

Downloadable: Cameo EP (zip)

Streamable: Live @ Northside Fest (Part 2) (vimeo) by ZAZA

Props to Sitcom Serf

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