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So, I was able to catch Browns’ show at the narrow slice of venue that is Bruar Falls. A part of Northside Fest, the show was at 3pm on a Sunday. It was not crowded. The Coney Island was delicious. There was a projection of Flash Gordon playing behind the band (which you cannot make out in my shitty photo below). The music was loud, but not too loud. I was pissed that I had missed them play at that Obits show a while back. This totally made up for it. I’ll just say it: Browns Rock.

Downloadable: Dreamers (mp3)

The band was giving out cassette tape compilations with songs by themselves, Air Waves and The Sundelles. Maybe I will digitize it at some point in the future, until then the music on tape will be relegated to occasional boombox listens.

Needless to say, you should see this band and soon. Here are some of their upcoming shows:

June 17 (TONIGHT!) @ le poisson rouge w/ Dinosaur Feathers + pow wow!

July 8 2009 @ Cake Shop w/ Little Girls + The Sundelles

July 15 @ Trash Bar w/ Baby Brother + The Field Recordings + The Sundelles

July 18 @ Southpaw w/ Gigantic Hand + La Salle + Evil Cowards (provided you are not going to Siren)

1928 Recordings is here.
RCRD LBL page is here.

Browns @ Bruar Falls

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