TONIGHT: Browns / Little Girls / The Sundelles

Where: Cake Shop

When: 8:00 PM doors/9:00 PM show $7

Who: Browns
Listen: For The Saints (1928 mp3)
Comment: While I have discussed Browns awesomeness in the past, I feel I should reiterate. They are awesome. See them! Don’t show up late.

Who: Little Girls
Listen: What We Did (mp3)
Comment: Little Girls is prolly my favorite “girl”-flavored band right now. You should check them out.

Who: The Sundelles
Listen: So Long (1928 mp3)
Comment: I still have not seen The Sundelles liveshow, hopefully that will change tonight.

Why: Why not? Don’t cha wanna see every band on this bill? You should totally go.

Also Tonight: Forro In The Dark is playing at the Stuy Town Oval tonight (6-9pm).

Browns / Little Girls / The Sundelles @ Cake Shop

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