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And now some northwestpunkdub goodness from Explode Into Colors. This track comes off the new new new 2 disc PDX Pop Now! 2009 Compilation which comes out on Thursday. If you live in Portland, you probably already know about PDX Pop Now!. Well, if you don’t know it… “PDX Pop Now! is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting music made in Portland, Oregon.” They are having an all-ages festival (July 24th through the 26th) which features free outdoor and indoor performances from a buttload of local Portland artists. I am guessing I probably won’t be able to attend this year. Maybe next? Hey, but you should totally go. It will be awesome.

Downloadable: Paper (Hot Sax Version) (mp3)

The Compilation release party deets are here.
More info/deets about the current (and past) compilations is here.
The CD Baby link doesn’t work yet but probably will soon.

Kill Rockstars is here.
Just For The Hell Of It is on myspace.
M’Lady is here.

BONUS: Sharpen The Knife (mp3)

Explode Into Color

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