Northside Friday: 11 Frickin’ Bands @ Public Assembly

Probably the best value of the Northside Festival is happening @ Public Assembly (70 North 6th Street) on Friday. The show was curated by Pop Tarts Suck Toasted and is sure to be filled with awesomeness. 7:30pm 21+? $10

__ The Front Room Lineup__
Brilliant Sweaters
Description: I hear they like Green Day (and not in a bad way either)
Listen: Sexy Genius (mp3)

Screaming Females
Description: Mind-blowing rock and/or roll from New Brunswick, NJ
Listen: Electric Pilgrim (mp3)
Watch: Bell (youtube)

Description: This noisy duo makes noisepop not noisepoop
Listen: Skeletate (mp3)

Description: This is your brain on something that is like drugs but is just a little bit weirder
Listen: BEAD (mp3)

Description: Former Muggabears create artrock just for you
Listen: Dead Kid Kicks (mp3)

The Great Unwashed
Watch: Winter Classic (Live) (youtube)

__The Back Room Lineup__
Home Video
Watch: I Can Make You Feel It (vimeo)

Description: Connecticutindierockers are catchy as hell and abrasive at the same time.
Listen: Housewolf (mp3)

Watch: Albacore (youtube)

Murder Mystery
Watch: The World (youtube)

The Rabbits
Watch: Mechanical Animals (Live) (youtube)

More deets and and times… here.

NOTE: Some of the bands are missing descriptions (sorry duders), maybe I will fill them in after the show.

There’s a bunch more awesome bands playing tonight. Check the official schedule… here.

For Example:
Air Waves
These Are Powers
Golden Triangle
Real Estate
The Secret Life Of Sofia
Bottle Up And Go


Northside Festival

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