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Tad is a man. TAD is a band. TAD’s name-sake frontman is a 300 lb ex-butcher, ex-lumberjack dancing sensation from Boise, Idaho. TAD puts their all into their music, and that calls for one huge mass of thick, heavy soundwaves.

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I was listening to TAD the other day and I realized that I just don’t listen to enough TAD. I am thinking that you (loyal reader), that you to are (maybe) a little TAD-deficient. It is nothing to be ashamed of… really. But there is something you can do about it. Listen to this out-of-print track from Salt Lick/God’s Balls.

Downloadable: High On The Hog (mp3)

You may want to learn more, you should probably watch this. One of these days, Sub Pop should give TAD the deluxe treatment and re-release their early discography.

Finally, Tad Doyle’s latest spacerocky project is Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth.

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Salt Lick by TAD

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