mp3s :: Best Downloadables Of 2009, Vol. 3

And now the 3rd installment of the Best Downloadables Of 2009 a/k/a The End Of Summer 2009 Mix

When They Fight They Fight (mp3) by Generationals
(buy from the label)

1,2,3 Partyy! (matador mp3) by Mission Of Burma
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Robots (mp3) by Exercise
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Portofino (mp3) by Teengirl Fantasy
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Mickey Mouse (Demo) (mp3) by Wavves
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It #1 (mp3) by Ty Segall
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Wet Hair (mp3) by Japandroids
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Shark Suit (mp3) by UUVVWWZ
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Invisible Forces (mp3) by The Fresh & Onlys
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Set-Up (mp3) by RENMINBI
(download EP for free)

Wet Gold (mp3) by The Octopus Project
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Stats And Demographics (mp3) by Huak
(buy from the label)

When I’m Gone (mp3) by Vivian Girls
(buy from the label)

Name Tossers (mp3) by BOAT
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Truth Is (mp3) by The Sky Drops
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Beach Town (mp3) by Le Loup
(buy from the label)

Some Sun (Yppah Remix) (mp3) by Pollination
(buy from bandcamp)

Dreamsucker (mp3) by Grooms
(buy from the label on Oct 20)

Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) (mp3) by HEALTH
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Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell (Wallpaper. RMX) (mp3) by Das Racist
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Homeopathic Valtrex (mp3) by White Shit
(buy from the label)

You’re A Target (mp3) by No Age
(buy from the label)

And don’t forget to check out Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

Best Downloadables Of 2009 Vol. 3

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