CONCERT :: DD/MM/YYYY + Anamanaguchi + Spiral Beach + Graffiti Monsters

When: Tonight!

Where: Don Pedro’s @ 8pm $5

Listen: Digital Haircut (forcefield mp3)

Who: Anamanaguchi
Listen: So Bored (Wavves Cover) (8bc mp3)

Who: Spiral Beach
Listen: Domino (mp3)

Who: Graffiti Monsters
Listen: THB (mp3)

Why: It’s Impose’s Test Patterns Party (8-bit vs. Canadian Edition). The reason for the party… Impose Records is re-releasing DD/MM/YYYY’s latest album Black Square, digitally and as a limited edition cassette tape on September 15th. Also, Anamanaguchi is back in NYC.

Preorder Black Square on cassette… here.

IMPOSE Test Paterns Poster

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