CMJ09 :: Force Field vs. Terrorbird

And now Day 2 of CMJ09 a/k/a Force Field PR vs. Terrorbird Media

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: missing Tempo No Tempo and/or Seven Saturdays #ohcrap

[Downloadable] Kilometer (mp3) by Tempo No Tempo

[Downloadable] A Beautiful Day (force field mp3) by Seven Saturdays

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: finally heading over to cake shop and pianos for an abbreviated look at force field vs. terrorbird

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: and we’re back :: made it for most of zaza :: if you get a chance… see them :: headed to pianos :: I think real estate is next

[Downloadable] Sooner Or Later (mp3) by ZAZA

ZAZA CMJ09 Day 2

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: attention freegans there is an abandoned cupcake outside cake shop… vanilla frosting w/ sprinkles

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: lowriding fat dude keeps rolling past cake shop w/ fat beats :: warpaint next at cakeshop

[Lowriding Bicycle Photo Of The Day]
low rider outside of cake shop during cmj

[Downloadable] Beach Comber (force field mp3) by Real Estate

[Real Estate Photo]
Real Estate CMJ09 Day 2

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: slide guitar action w/ real estate :: off to cake shop to see what’s up :: warpaint (I think) :: thinking of buying some merch

[Note] warpaint were probably my favorite performance of the day, maybe becuz I had only marginally heard of them and really liked their performance

[Downloadable] Elephants (mp3) by Warpaint

[Couldn’t Squeeze Any Farther Into Cake Shop Photo]
Warpaint CMJ09 Day 2

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: darlings setting up downstairs at cakeshop :: really have no excuse to miss them :: going back down in a few :: darlings are a go

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: officially missing darlings :: must go downstairs and stop loittering :: oh my… indiepopgoodness indeed :: trading instruments!

[Downloadable] We’re Not Going (mp3) by Darlings

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: darlings finished w/ awesome blowout number :: headed to force field to maybe see these united states :: lots of setting up here

[A Darlings Photo]
darlings cmj09 day 2

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: hey force field unless these united states totally kill it, it looks like terrorbird wins the battle :: groovy

[Downloadable] West Won (Daytrotter Session) (mp3) by These United States

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: checking out the subba cultcha show upstairs :: first time I’ve heard someone play up here today :: one more song by ???

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: thinks it’s sure juror, but could be the whisperians :: seen a lot of pbr being consumed by musicians, do they really like it?

[Note] apparently I can’t read, it was the Hospital Bombers

[Downloadable] The Devil’s Music (mp3) by Hospital Bombers

[Someone Else’s Flash Photo]
Hospital Bombers CMJ09 day 2

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: nice to see some fiddle in the house :: think I saw the elusive @heckturd earlier but I’m not sure :: think I may be done

[Note] the day is a tie, I liked the terrorbird bands more, but then I didn’t make time for the force field bands I saw previously (grooms and surfer blood) which totally evens things out.

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