Friday Night Vids :: Mission Of Burma + Panther + Kurt Vile + FlyLo

Streamable: 1 2 3 Partyy! (youtube) by Mission Of Burma

Downloadable: 1 2 3 Partyy! (matador mp3)

Streamable: Birds That Move (youtube) by Panther

Streamable: How Well Can You Swim (Remix) (youtube) by Panther

Streamable: Freak Train ( by Kurt Vile

Downloadable: Freak Train (mp3)

Streamable: Beginners Falafel (vimeo) by Flying Lotus

Downloadable: Beginners Falafel (mp3)
Props to The Forkcast
Note: This is an unofficial video.

This has been another…

Friday Night Vids

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