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Endless Endless Endless is the duo of Brett Renfer and James Tichenor. They play a blend of ambient, drone, chiptune, live electronics and probably a few genres I have not heard of — the combination of which they have labeled post-noise. They mix guitar, vocals, various pedals, with Korg Gameboy DS.

The band is now releasing their debut physical product, Black Talisman. The album is available in a numbered edition of 100 (on cassette or CD-R) and comes with a laser-etched triangluar talisman and an mp3 download. While the band claims that if you “wear the Talisman… it will bring you infinite power,” I am skeptical of this.

This is how EEE describes Black Talisman:

With no overdubs and minimal editing, Black Talisman captures Endless Endless Endless riffing as songs and ideas build, blur, loop and die. This is music for (and from) pretzel rods and Miller highlife

Downloadable: I Remember (mp3)

Buy Black Talisman directly from the band… here.

Also, check out their free digital-only releases:
Jewel Eye
Ways To Go page is here.
Vimeo page is here.

Endless Endless Endless

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