Friday Night Vids :: TV Casualty + Jeff The Brotherhood + The Sex Pistols + High Places + Alfe

Streamable: Green Hell/Astro-Zombies/Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?/Die, Die My Darling (youtube) by TV Casualty (A Misfits cover band consisting of Ted Leo and Chris Wilson from Ted Leo + The Pharmacists, Atom Goren of Atom & His Package, Andy Nelson of Paint It Black, Brian Sokel of Franklin and AM/FM)

props to p4k
watch more of this performance… here

Streamable: U Got The Look (youtube) by Jeff: The Brotherhood

Streamable: Bodies (Live At Winterland) (youtube) by The Sex Pistols

props to FiL
watch more of this performance… here

Streamable: I Was Born (vimeo) by High Places

Streamable: Between Two Mysteries (Live) (vimeo) by Mount Eerie

Downloadable: Between Two Mysteries (mp3)
props to the great pumpkin

Streamable; Alfe – Gone Cabin Carzy (Pilot Episode) (vimeo) Paper Rad

props to Pukekos

This has been another…
Friday Night Vids

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