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Out today is the 24 minute Slumberland Records debut from San Franciso-based Brilliant Colors. Together, Jess Scott, Diane Anastasio and Michelle Hill have created a small gem out of guitar, drums and bass. It is entitled Introducing. If you like you punky Shop Assistants-esque indie pop, you need to hear this.

Absolutely Anything (mp3)
English Cities (mp3)

Purchase Introducing from Slumberland Records… here.
Note: Slumberland will be closed from Nov 4 to Nov 17 (and consequently will not be filling mail orders) because they will be holding their East Coast Twentieth Anniversary celebrations (11/14 @ Bell House).

Captured Tracks is on Myspace.
Make A Mess is here.
Slumberland Records is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
Slumberland’s eMusic page is here.

B-Side BONUS: Takes So Little (mp3)

Introducing by Brilliant Colors

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