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If you have not already heard, Fucked Up is putting out a 25 song singles compilation entitled Couple Tracks. It should hit the streets on Jan 26. If you want to check out the tracklisting, head over to the band’s blogspot.

To prehype the compilation release, the good folks at Matador have made the following mp3 available. This song was originally released as the B-side to the Triumph Of Life 7″ in a collab between Vice and Jade Tree way back in 2006, and yes… it contains an acoustic guitar. Read some of the liner notes about said “embarrassing” instrument over at the Matablog. Listen…

Downloadable: Neat Parts (matador mp3)

Be forewarned: Fucked Up will also be releasing a 7″ of two new songs entitled Couple Tracks/Holden on the same day as the Couple Tracks compilation with the same coverart. Matador promises the “packaging is going to be a little bit unusual.” More about that later.

Preorder Couple Trackshere.

Upcoming Show:
Feb 19 @ Europa w/ Kurt Vile

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“No Epiphany” (matador mp3)
“Twice Born” (matador mp3)

Fucked Up Couple Tracks

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