mp3s :: The December 2008 Mix

Charlie B. Barkin’ (mp3) by Car Stereo (Wars)

I Believe In Fate (Sebadoh Cover) (mp3) by Superchunk

You Don’t Have To (If You Don’t Want To) (mp3) by Gentleman Jesse And His Men

Starting Over (mp3) by The Black Lips

African Rhythms (mp3) by Mi Ami

Green Flag (mp3) by Growing

Harper Lewis (mp3) by Russian Circles

Daily I Will Calculate the Distance (mp3) by ((Sounder))

Hole In My Head (mp3) by Box Elders

Cuando Maavilla Fui (mp3) by El Guincho

What It’s All About (mp3) by Girl Talk

PWND (mp3) by The Mae Shi

Rize (mp3) by Blood On The Wall

Meltdown Cloud (mp3) by Blank Dogs

Finger On The Knife (mp3) by James Pants

Whenusleep (mp3) by Salem

The Offbeat (mp3) by FLYamSAM

Titus Andronicus (mp3) by Titus Andronicus

So Bored (mp3) by Wavves

Had Enough (mp3) by Gun Outfit

You Can Have A Cellphone That’s OK But Not Me (mp3) by Jonathan Richman

Red Herring (mp3) by Harlem

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The December 2008 Mix

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