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And now the final Best of 2009 post. After an exhaustive review of end of the year lists and some long forgotten playlists from earlier this year, I have culled together a bunch of songs that were simply “off my radar.” This includes songs by artists I have never even heard of, as well as some stuff I had read about and downloaded, but then got lost in the gigabytes of my iTunes library. There is a broad mix of tunes here… indiepop, electronicexperimental, psychrockfreakout, southernmetal, synthfunk, and just plain rock ‘n’ roll. Have fun listening.

This is Off My Radar 2009.


Land of the Morning Calm (mp3) by Apollo Ghosts

WARRIOR (mp3) by The Bitters

Harvey’s Machine (mp3) by Black Cock

Miarches (mp3) by Forest Swords

Valient Brave (mp3) by Ganglians

UP UP UP (mp3) by GIVERS

The Thrust That Missed (mp3) by HAWKS

No Mindless Love (mp3) by JAILL

Said And Done (mp3) by Kylesa

Skynet Infiltration Simulation Unit (mp3) by Luke Perry

Don’t Lie (mp3) by The Mantles

Star 131 (mp3) by Night Control

Weak For Me (mp3) by Nite Jewel

The Sun Is Out (mp3) by Reading Rainbow

Tunnel (mp3) by Shuttle

Casablanca (mp3) by So Cow

The River Rushes (To Screw MD Over) (mp3) by Thee Oh Sees

Candy Girl (Demo) (mp3) by Trailer Trash Tracys

Hint Hint: All these songs should fit nicely on a CD-R.

If you want to download all the individual tracks in this post, you should think about installing the DownThemAll! Firefox extension.

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Best Of 2009

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