Friday Night Vids :: Wetdog + Fucked Up + Witch + Surfer Blood + Brilliant Colors

What can I say? I love this Wetdog track. It will be stuck in my head a weekend. I totally missed this album when it was released last year.

Streamable: Lower Leg (youtube) by Wetdog

Downloadable: Lower Leg (mp3)

So this is Fucked Up‘s first official music video, which was culled from that 12 hour epic show they did.

Streamable: Crooked Head (youtube) by Fucked Up

Downloadable: Crooked Head (mp3)

J Mascis‘ psych-metal side proj Witch doesn’t get enough play around here. Time to change that.

Streamable: Mutated (Live in HD) by Witch

props to Chronic Youth

This is a fun little vid from the little band from West Palm Beach that could. The ice cream cone smack is classic.

Streamable: Swim by Surfer Blood

Downloadable: Swim (mp3)

I love love the sound these gals create, dig that wall of noise…

Streamable: English Cities (s’gum ooyala) by Brilliant Colors

Downloadable: English Cities (mp3)

This has been another…
Friday Night Vids

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