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Mary Pearson and Rob Barber are High Places. They look like this:

High Places

While I have posted about the duo numerous times, both here and on the old blogspot, they have never actually received their own individual post. Let’s start with the music. Their sound is all about layers. On the bottom are Rob’s dubbed-out beats and on top are Mary’s ethereal vocals. Inbetween are a myriad of sounds ranging from bells to bowls to nature sounds to smacked wooden blocks. I think I called their sound tweedub at one point. Listen…

Downloadable: From Stardust to Sentience (mp3)

Did I mention High Places have a new album? It is entitled High Places vs. Mankind, and it comes out on April 6 via the Thrill Jockey label. The following song showed up on the Forkcast last week and is the first taste of the new album. It seems some of the aforementioned layers have been stripped. This sounds much more like straight up dance music to me. Where is the extra weird percussion? Why are the vocals so loud? [end whining]. Listen…

Downloadable: On Giving Up (mp3)

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BONUS: Head Spins (Extended Version) (mp3)

High Places vs. Mankind

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